Monday, 2 August 2010

Rammstein at Sonisphere festival

My sister and I were lucky enough to be given some Guest passes to Sonisphere festival this weekend so off we trucked to see the Monsters of Rock. Amongst the acts we caught were Gary Numan, Placebo, Alice Cooper, Motley Crue and Rammstein.

I am not especially into live music and am used to performing at festivals rather than spectating. As a result I tend to appreciate things like the set design and lighting more than I do the sound. For this reason my favourite gig was a Marilyn Manson tour I caught back in about 2002, for Manson's theatrical sense is second to none. Second, perhaps, to Rammsetin who were just plain awesome. They set people alight, performed while walking on treadmills, had flame jets, fire works and rockets that shot into the stage (yes, at the stage - see the third picture below). The keyboard player is obviously a bit of a character and did a spectacular little piece where he got an inflatable dinghy and crowd-sailed rather than surfed.

Their set was a clever combination of movable lighting and a painted backdrop giving the impression of an inferno-like industrial interior. Everything from the pyrotechnics to confetti was immaculately timed to the music to produce a truly stunning spectacle.

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