Sunday, 22 August 2010

Bandai Armouron

While fighting my way down London's Regent Street yesterday I glanced in at the window of Hamley's, the UK's biggest toy shop. On display was some kick-ass child-sized sci-fi armour (or "armor" to you Americans) which grabbed my attention. The stuff was made of grey and brightly coloured rubber foam and included helmets, chest plastrons and shoulder pads. Alas it was too small for me, but a quick google this morning shows the stuff is billed as 2010's "must have" toy and I can well believe it. It seems you can also buy add-on kits to pimp out your techno-protection even further.

It transpires Armouron is designed and produced by Bristol-based toy company Cod Steaks and the Hamley's display is a vanguard promotion. More info here, the Bandai mini site is here and here is the Amazon page showing all the available kits.

Alas there seem to be few high-rez images of Armouron around so I'll leave you with some thumbnails.

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