Monday, 12 July 2010

Awesome viral marketing (maybe)

The amazing Propnomicon has drawn my attention to something which may (or may not be) a viral marketing ploy for the new Chrirstopher Nolan film Inception. Apparently someone at Wired received this weather-beaten pack through the post and scanned it in. Check out the original Wired post here. There are shades of MK-ULTRA, Jim Channon's First Earth Battalion document (which if you have not seen it is freaking mental) and the high-profile viral marketing campaign which preceded Spielberg's A.I.

There's no prizes for guessing Propnomicon's a mythos freak and he interprets the mysterious dossier as a Cthulhu artifact. What a glorious idea! Such a prop would be amazing in a Delta Green campaign.

Be sure to click on this link to the PASIV Device page too.

EDIT: The PASIV Device page also links to the Mind Crime site.

PS - Wired tag this story with "Rabbit Hole". Alas there are no other posts under this heading but here's hoping more emerge!
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  1. With all the hype and effort they're putting into the vial marketing, I hope it's a least well-written, if not well executed.

    If not... well at least they have a lot of fantastic stuff for it.