Saturday, 19 June 2010

Wrapped in plastic - Miss Twin Peaks 2010

I was too young to get into Twin Peaks when it was first aired, but saw it in its entirety after I became obsessed with Lynch in my late teens. I loved the retro-styled and surreal nature of Lynch's small-town with its plaid shirts, clunky furniture and nightmares buried below the veneer of respectability. The second series descended into melodrama a little too much, but the ancient horrors hinted at during the closing episodes pulled it back from the brink into the land of legendary TV.

Tomki and I were overjoyed to learn that the Double R Club were holding their Miss Twin Peaks 2010 pageant. On Thursday we trucked off to the mecca of the London burlesque scene that is the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club to find ourselves surrounded by all things Lynch-ian. FBI agents rubbed shoulders with Perdita Durango look-alikes and there was cherry pie and coffee on tap.

The night saw a succession of burlesque acts, competing for the prize of "Miss Twin Peaks 2010". My pal Miss Miranda did awesome things with a cake (and then dropped it - "always a pleasure, always a big fucking mess" noted the compare) but it was my chum Lydia Darling who snatched the prize with her amazing dark-Laura-Palmer fire act.

Remember, the owls are not what they seem.

Miss Twin Peaks 2010 - Lydia Darling

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