Sunday, 6 June 2010

Reenactment - the Ancient Greeks go to Cosmeston

A week or so ago I went with the Hoplite Association to South Wales for our second show of this season. Our destination was Cosmeston Medieval Village. Cosmeston is a re-creation of a middle ages settlement which has appeared in various films and television series, including the BBC's recent Merlin. Cosmeston is held in high regard by veteran reenactors as the site is amazing, the staff are lovely and the public always enthusiastic. The village lived up to its reputation and we had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend. One of its best features is a bar in a long barn. The building has no chimney and so it fills with smoke and swallows nest in the rafters inside. Drinking in there with everyone in costume is an amazing experience.

One of the great things about reeneactment is the ability to "get away from it all". I turned off my mobile phone for three days and completely forgot about the cares of work and London. I had one glorious moment when, sitting in an Ancient Greek command tent, I looked out and could see nothing except period tents and costumes. There were no signs of the twenty-first century visible. I suddenly felt that I was as close to our heritage as it is possible to get.

Thankfully we were not plagued by the cold of Bushey and I was able to don my Athene costume. I did, however, buy a large bolt of black wool which I think I will make into a snug Persian outfit to keep me warm in the evenings.

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  1. Your lucky, in Australia nit as many people are in to history, thus there aren't many reenactments. Just a question, are you reenacting medieval or Ancient, because your photos show you in Hoplite armor but you were at a middle aged village. Or were you just doing it there?

  2. Hey Liam,

    Sorry to hear things are a bit dry on the reenactment scene down under. However, I think the Sydney Ancients Hoplite & Roman Society is still going (check them out at: Yes, we were reenacting Ancient Greek life at a wonderful site which had a medieval village. Very confusing I know!