Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Photoshoot: Put your best foot forward

My friend LaLa and I have been working on a performance piece where we "twin". We dress in identical (or nearly so) clothes and go out and about. It's more of an immersive and interactive thing rather than the traditional audience/performer concept. It also bemuses the hell out of passers by because seeing two adult women dressed the same is a very freaky thing.

We decided to christen our venture with a photoshoot. Sheriff Vanderhorne of Resistance Gallery kindly loaned us the use of his premises and Ekaterina did an amazing job with her camera.

The photos here are from the first of three concepts we shot that evening. LaLa is an excellent Tango dancer and she was keen to integrate this into the project (this led us to practicing Tango steps in a park on the previous weekend, much to the amusement of those passing by). The shoot was organic in how it developed and the results are very Mulholland Drive. I'll post the pictures from the other shoots in due course.

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  1. Somehow an album cover needs to come out of these. Beautiful.