Sunday, 11 April 2010

WIP no more! Dune Express is finished

The first phase of my Dune project is finished, just 24 hours shy of my board games night! I have been doing a graphic treatment for Dune Express (boardgamegeek link here). This is a portfolio piece.

The original Dune game was released by Avalon Hill in 1979. Dune Express is a streamlined version of the game that has been developed by fans of the original. The game relies of custom dice, which I have created as papercraft boxes. Part of my reason for choosing to do a treatment of this game was that I was very inspired by Mike Doyle's re-imagining of the Avalon Hill version, which you can see on his blog here.

At some point soon I will write about my methodology for my graphic treatment and show some of the images I used as inspiration. Meanwhile, I leave you with my Steampunk-inspired layouts for the board, dice and tokens.

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  1. Masterfully done! I especially love that board layout.