Sunday, 25 April 2010

Salute 2010 - Part I

Salute is Britain's largest tabletop games show. It hosts participation games, manufacturers' promo stands and vendors' stalls. I missed it last year and so was keen to go along to the 2010 show.

Of late it has been hosted at the ExCel centre which is in the slightly disjointed and surreal region that is London's Docklands. The venue looms over the regenerated quays and wharfs like some vast shipping container that was beached in a cataclysmic storm. Though full of apartments, the region is dead at weekends as most City workers (or "wankers") exercise their entirely understandable desire to get out of the place.

All the UK and many international manufacturers were present and correct, and I will blog more about them in my next post. I was overjoyed to see a demo game of Incursion being run, hosted by West Wind. It was also an unexpected surprise to meet Grégory Privat who oversaw the title's translation into French. Grégory (whose blog is here) had scratch built the most amazing 3D board for the game with LED lighting. He professed that it had taken him two days, and he worked on the principle that the addition of a number of "wow" features would distract onlookers from any shortcomings. I was certainly wowed and below are some snaps from my iPhone.

Grégory and I with a copy of Incursion.
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