Thursday, 29 April 2010

Filming for the BBC

I have blogged about the wonderful talk I went to by Mervyn Peake's son about his late father. After the lecture Viktor (one half of the esteemed Last Tuesday Society) kindly invited me to take part in a small party which was to be filmed for broadcast on the BBC. It happened on Wednesday and involved far more gin than I would have suspected.

Having rocked-up at 7pm as requested it wasn't until we were half way through filming that I fully comprehended what the thing was about. Viktor was holding one of his "Crying Parties" and acting as host to the British comedienne Jo Brand. She and her crew was filming the party for inclusion in a one-off programme she is presenting on the vulgarity of crying in today's climate of reality TV. The Crying Parties are intimate gatherings where folk chop onions, talk about lost loves and everything morose and drink gin. Lots of gin. There is also a "laughter box" into which you must drop £1 coins if you crack a smile.

The filming was surprisingly sprightly and we weren't required to repeat things endlessly, as can sometimes be the case. Jo Brand was wonderful and "just like she is on the telly". She was very good about having to make repeated donations to the laughter box. The event was held in the amazing kunstkammer basement of Wynd's Little Shop of Horrors. This is a stunning location filled with all manner of curiosities. I managed to get some snaps of it and my fellow party-goers before the shoot began.

Me in my party gear. I had to get on the bus wearing that makeup.

Remember - this is a crying party so smiling is forbidden. David TG is walking that fine line between being po-faced and making a donation to the Laughter Box.

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