Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dune Express gets tested in the field

Last night I ran the first in what I hope will be a series of board game nights at a local gallery. Sheriff Vanderhorne at Resistance Gallery in East London was kind enough to let me invite some friends to his haunt to overdose on tabletop games. Amongst the titles played were two sessions of Dune Express using my custom-made board, tokens and dice.

I am pleased to report that the graphics held up well under extreme playing conditions. The most noticeable deficiency was the design of my location dice. The patterns on this die are not distinct enough. Thus players have to read the text to see what location they have rolled, and this is tricky because the text is very small. Also, the designs on the die bear no resemblance to the regions on the board, which themselves lack any character.

The game played quite well, but we felt the need to add a few house rules on the second play to liven things up a bit. A few hours beforehand I discovered that boardgamegeek user jmgregory had uploaded a more comprehensive rules-set which I look forward to trying in due course. His rules require a few more components so I must modify my graphics package.

Once updated for use with the jmgregory rules I will upload the package to boardgamegeek for everyone to use.

Below are shots of the leaders of the warring houses of the Landsraad as they battle of the fate of Arrakis from their top-secret hide-out in Bethnal Green.

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  1. That looks fantastic. Is it difficult to see the borders between the territories?

    I hope the rule set works for you. Although they were written to be thorough and easy to read, they have not been extensively playtested, and may not make for the best gameplay compared to some other options.

  2. Hi Justin. Yes, the divisions between the regions are a bit difficult to discern. This is something I want to address in the next revision.

    I like the way the factions are given individual skills in your ruleset and I am sure it will play better than the original.