Monday, 29 March 2010

White Mischief - The Great Exhibition

Saturday night saw the return of White Mischief - arguably the UK's biggest Steampunk club night. It was held in Scala, a stone's throw from the monument to Victorian design that is St Pancras hotel, and I was there to sample its delights. The event did a magnificent job of bringing the genre to life as sky pirates rubbed shoulders with deco dandies amid exhibits of technology from the retrofutureverse. Luminaries such as Herr Döktor and Professor Maelstromme were present and on-hand to talk about their creations. Steampunk is a sub culture which has yet to have a musical trend attached to it (yes, there are Steampunk bands, but although they may dress the part they sound quite different). White Mischief founder Tobais fronted his group Tough Love to the delight of the crowd and Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer amused as much as he rocked his fans with his witty toff-rapping. I leave you with some of my snaps from the night. The full album is here.

Edit: there's also a BBC video featuring Siberfi, Herr Döktor and I here.

My penchant for Jill Bioskop got the better of me that night and, although my hair was blue, try as I might, my tears were not sapphire-tinted like hers.

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