Friday, 5 March 2010

New desk

If an Englishman's home is his castle, then a designer's desk is his undercroft...or something. I had struggled for ages with a tiny workstation but recently decided it was time to upgrade. I was inspired by several things, the first of which is the blog It seems to be updated less frequently now, but it profiles the offices and workspaces of creatives and is an endless source of inspiration. Then there is the desk of the awesome street-dancing Stormtrooper-outfit-wearing blogger Danny Choo. He talks about his furniture and I was very taken by the way it lights up. Finally I was most impressed by the desk my friend Scar Crash has, which she informed me came from Ikea.

So off I went to the Ikea in Edmonton, which is something to behold. It loomed out of the London drizzle as I approached like some kind of primeval behemoth one might find in a Steven King novel. I later recounted this to my friend Tomki, who replied that when he visited the Edinburgh store he had trouble finding it because its vast blue hull was so big he assumed it was part of the sky. After much dithering, getting lost, not being able to find my way back to something I had seen earlier and other such treats that Ikea excels in, I came away with two trestles and a frosted glass top. And a Persian rug, several lamps, mousemats and other bits of crap that just seem to make their way into your trolley whenever Ikea is involved.

Below you can see the fruits of my trip, bottom-illuminated by little lamps I clipped to the trestles, Choo-style. It's a joy to work at and the glass top does not block much of the light from the window behind.

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  1. I can't help but notice a Lemarchand box on your desk. You'll have a mad Cornishman falling in love with you at this rate...