Sunday, 7 March 2010

Death's head makeup Mk III

Below is the third incarnation of my Death's head makeup. I did this on Friday for an Alice in Wonderland-themed party (hence the hat and card). I think I need to work on feminising it a bit as I felt this one was too aggressive. Perhaps giving a more refined shape to the eyes would work in this respect.

As I tramped about East London people generally smiled as I glided by. However, it struck me that I was doing the opposite of what women on a night out attempt - making myself look horrific rather than attractive. This probably has some deep psychological meaning that will be revealed to me When The Stars Are Right...

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  1. the make up of this guy looks incredible, wow you're a true specialist do you have any other make up works ?

  2. That's me, not a man. Thanks. Click-erty-click on the "death's head makeup" tag at the foot of the post to see others like it.