Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Wheelbarrow needed at London's V&A museum

One thing I really hate is carrying lots of stuff. I'm not very good at it and not very strong. Hence I find being a pack-h0rse a real pain. So when I went to The Last Tuesday Society's Renaissance Ball on Friday, the venue, London's Victoria & Albert museum, scored a resounding "nil point" for opening only one miserable cloakroom. This, inevitably, was full by the time I arrived. Having made An Effort with my get-up, my entire look was marred by having to hump around a large bag in the presence of some decidedly listless and unhelpful museum staff.

The event, run by the illustrious duo Viktor Wynd and Suzette Field, marked the opening of the museum's new Medieval & Renaissance Galleries. I did manage a short period of good humor and I was extremely impressed as we wandered around the galleries. There was an impressive selection of objects but the thing that really caught my eye was the presentation, which is both thoughtful and fresh. Of note is the layout of the information panels describing the objects (see below). The use of the gold panel and either a white or black ground really sets them apart. I fully intend to go back to explore in a more leisurely manner, but this time without an enormous satchel.

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