Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New work - Wake Up! logo

I've managed to carve out a successful little design niche for myself over the past four or five years. I have chosen the projects that I work on quite carefully. As someone whose income is not primarily derived from my freelance I have the luxury of being able to choose to turn work down if it does not fit with "what I do". Now I have carved my niche folk come to me because of "what I do" and it's unusual for me to be offered anything radically different.

The piece below is therefore a rare example of something which does not easily fit in my current portfolio. It's a logo for my friend Nicky's production company. I chose to do it because I really enjoy working with Nicky and her brief was intriguing. She often works with with performers from London's burlesque scene but it rapidly became apparent to me in the early design stages that the kind of Victorian circus look I initially went for was not what she wanted. Thus we moved to this more contemporary comic-book aesthetic.

The technical process itself was interesting. The megaphone was actually built as a 3D model in Cinema4D and rendered in this cell-shaded style. I then used Illustrator's wonderful Live Trace function to turn the bitmap into a vector (I found that I could export it direct from C4D into a vector, but some of the lines lost their hand-drawn properties). I am very pleased with the text, which utilised Illustrator's awesome 3D Extrude & Bevel tool.

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