Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Life drawing #2

Tomki and I went back into the concrete jungle that is East London for our second drawing class. It is held in a large, solid Victorian building which is at odds with the concrete horrors that surround it. East London was bombed heavily in the war and you move swiftly from streets of little terraced houses to 60s estates as you travel though the district. The course is run by a couple and, as we stood in the kitchen, Anja explained that the building is owned by a London Buddhist group. To work or run courses there one needs to be local, an artist and be connected with the faith. I would imagine this narrows down the applicants somewhat.

Below are my efforts. I used pen and watercolour this time with white acrylic highlights. I was much more comfortable with the media and also using a proper table (rather than a propped-up board which I found unwieldy last time). The two sketches of the model lying were done quite quickly, but I think they are much more successful than the longer pose where he is sitting. Also, I used my Moleskine, which I love, and I was far happier with the small scale.

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