Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Plasma Kreaps

There are some films that affect you profoundly when you are young and, in particular, in your teenage years. One such film for me was Coppola's Dracula. It has many flaws, but is an amazing example of art direction and style. Numbering amongst the art department's members was the young Patrick Tatopoulos. He has gone on to add his unique visual signature to other spectacles like Stargate and Silent Hill (unfortunately along with many other more forgettable outings). A piece of set dressing from Dracula that really caught my eye were the crates used by Dracula to transport earth from his native home to Carfax Abbey, his London haunt. These crates had fabulous augmentations allowing them to be hauled by cranes featuring chains and canvas stretched over their corners.

When I amused and entralled when I saw the MEGA Bloks range of Plasma Kreaps toys feature boxes which are unmistakenly "inspired" by the Dracula crates. I have just picked one up (the Ghoul) whilst doing my Christmas shopping at a local supermarket. The thing is awesome! The little plastic crate opens to reveal a horrific polip-like thing. This is a white, sticky, rubbery bag containing the pieces for the figure. Having extacted the bits you pop them together using ball-and-socket joints. The result is a satisfyingly morbid and detailed little beast. The pose is very good and he stands nealy on top of the crate.

Mine was discounted to a very reasonable £2.50 so if you see them do pick one up. I can imagine modders and custom-figure artists having a ball with them. Images of the Kreaps range below.

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  1. it is so sad tht i can not find those anymore :(

    do you know anywhere that i can find ghoul ?