Saturday, 19 December 2009

It's alive!

After the full gamut of emotional states usually associated with giving birth, Grindhouse Games has just become the proud parent of the real, boxed version of Incursion. Of the initial run of 1000 all but 300 copies were sold on pre-order, which means that at this point Grindhouse breaks even (an amazing feat for a first-time game publisher). The development and production of this game has been a huge part of the lives of everyone who worked on it, and foremost of them our leader, Jim.

I met Jim as the result of a coincidence only the internet could allow. Someone posed a question on an open thread at TTGN about what was readers' favourite rule book. I don't usually post but took a dive this time. I wrote a few paragraphs on the graphic design of rulebooks. Jim read this, got in touch and the rest is history.

Jim gave me the amazing opportunity to direct the graphic design for the project. I am extremely proud of my work on Incursion and it has given me the taste to do more board games. Below are a selection of images from the project from the talented hands of the team.

You can buy Incursion in Europe from West Wind.

Above is Jim, our proud leader, with the advance copy of the boxed game.

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