Monday, 21 December 2009

Merry Krampus!

About three years ago I was at my Mother's house for Christmas. I keep my old collection of VHS tapes there and I watch them when I visit because I don't have a VCR in London. I settled down to the James Whale Frankenstein and its sequel and I thought, "These are awesome!". I was struck by how much they had influenced Tim Burton, and proceeded to watch his films that holiday as well. Which are also awesome. That year became my "Tim Burton Christmas" and since then I have themed my Christmasses. Latterly I have had Narnia and WWII-Home-Front holidays where I would surround myself with books, films and other paraphernalia related to the theme.

It seems that one day an Alpine fellow had the same idea. Except he was bat-shit-mental and his theme was God help us all - the Gates of Hell have just opened. I kid you not. These chaps dress up as a incubus-like creature called the Krampus. And by "dress up" I mean "make amazingly realistic costumes that you would expect to find in a high-budget horror film". Just in case their children are not freaked-out enough, the wearers carry firebrands and run around the streets. Awesome! I'll leave you with the images below.

You are no doubt wondering what my theme is this Christmas. It was "Pagan", but is steadily turning into "work", which is slightly less sexy than a 6-foot, hairy, fire wielding demon.

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